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A temporary town in temporary buildings

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A temporary town in temporary buildings

Arts and cultural events across Britain are popular with residents and tourists alike, with spectacles such as the Chelsea Flower Show and concerts at Hampton Court attracting huge crowds every year for their events.  These one-off and annual showcases are often busier in the short space of time they are open than permanent attractions of the same scale, and therefore they must have a strong infrastructure in place to cater for visitors and exhibitors, as well as the organisers.  In the case of horticultural events especially the issue of irrigation and access to water is a big one, and is one of the primary services to be installed before anything else.

An event on the scale of the Chelsea Flower Show means setting up what amounts to a temporary town for the duration of the show, as well as for the setting up period which takes several weeks.  Exhibitors typically start setting up their gardens around two weeks before the show starts, but before they are allowed in there is also a period of time in which to get the ground prepared, pitches marked out and essential water supplies plumbed in around the show ground. 

Temporary buildings provide a hub for operations, and may take the form of a temporary warehouse for longer standing events and those which require a high level of preparation, or for smaller, single day events like concerts an industrial marquee may suffice.  Temporary buildings of both types are used for storage, hosting talks and even for catering and changing areas for performers.  At the Chelsea Flower Show each exhibitor needs a space to use as a site office, and sometimes this will be shared with other stands, or they may use a temporary structure that forms part of their exhibit for this purpose, as it is much closer to their area than the temporary buildings kept out of sight of visitors.

There are so many different requirements for staging infrastructure depending on the type of events and the great thing about temporary buildings is that they are multi-purpose, adapting to changing needs very quickly.  For this reason, large event companies own a fleet of temporary structures that can be deployed at an event in a short time frame.  If extra temporary facilities are required these can be hired in as needed on a short-term basis.  Small and start-up event companies often take out a long-term hire arrangement on a temporary building for the summer season, as they can use the same one at different locations around the country.  When the company grows, investment in temporary buildings as assets makes commercial sense.  Venues which regularly host events also usually keep temporary buildings on site to use at their range of attractions.

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