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Temporary buildings offer the ideal venue for business during store re-fits

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Temporary buildings offer the ideal venue for business during store re-fits

Retails stores are having to work harder and harder to tempt customers inside, as online shopping overtakes physical sales by a huge margin.  The convenience and comfort of shopping from home fits easily with any lifestyle and means those who do not enjoy strolling round town, or who do not have time to do so can still shop like everyone else.  People do still visit physical retail outlets but often only for certain purchases, where touching and trying out a product is what gets a sale.  Stores need to work harder, therefore, to provide a physical space that potential customers want to make the effort to visit, and this often means refitting the store to add value and create an environment that is not just about shopping, but about providing a memorable experience.

Store refits can be costly, not just in terms of the amount paid out to shop fitters, decorators, carpenters and electricians, but also in terms of the lost revenue while the store is closed.  Depending on the length and scope of the refit stores may decide to close for the duration of the refit and hope customers return when the work is done, or they may relocate temporarily to another unit within a shopping mall, hosting a pop up shop to retain and inspire consumer interest while their revamp is completed.

Stores not based in a shopping centre have the option of relocating to a temporary building while renovations are carried out, as long as the temporary site is not too far from the original location.  Standalone cafes and shops often use this option if they are able to use the neighbouring land to install a temporary building in which to conduct business.  Retail parks and villages are also ideal places to use a temporary warehouse as an interim business venue when a store is being fitted out or built, and allows the business to trade as normal during an otherwise disruptive period.

With a wide range of flooring options, windows and doors, a temporary warehouse or even an industrial marquee (if the weather is not too cold and windy) are great flexible options for a temporary relocation and they are often used as a venue for retailers or caterers at large events, proving their worth as temporary venue for a business that can create some of the ambience of a physical, permanent store. 

Some people may look at the outside of a temporary marquee or sturdier temporary structure and think it is uninspiring, or that it is not possible to create a welcoming and fully functional space inside.  A quick look around the internet will provide many creative examples of temporary warehouse use, from cafes to retail outlets, from workshops to offices.  There is no limit to the applications of a temporary warehouse and with the right internal fittings they can almost seem like a permanent store.  Outside banners can be used to brand the building and tell customers what to expect inside.

Because a temporary building can be hired on a short-term basis there is no need to spend a lot of money on renting another unit for a short time, and they can be installed quite quickly, allowing you to seamlessly shift operations from the store that is to be renovated into the temporary accommodation.  Call us today to find out how a temporary building can help streamline your store refit process.

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