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Temporary buildings house car showrooms

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Temporary buildings house car showrooms

New car dealership sites are sometimes already equipped with a suitable building in which to conduct business, but often they are located on newly developed industrial and commercial sites which have no existing infrastructure.  Temporary warehouse buildings are ideal for car showrooms and sales suites in these locations, as they can be quickly installed with vehicle access doors, workshop areas and comfortable customer waiting and consultation spaces.  A temporary warehouse can be used permanently for up to fifteen years, although many remain in place for much longer.  As long as the structure conforms to BS 6399, the structural standard for wind and snow loading, it can be used as a permanent building.  The temporary classification on these temporary warehouses is allocated because of the quick installation and dismantling process which means they are not classed as permanent structures.

Because temporary warehouses can be designed to incorporate different types of access, different types of flooring and internal dividing walls, they are ideally suited to being used as car showrooms either as an interim solution or as a permanent facility.  In fact, many businesses who initially investigate a temporary warehouse building as a short-term solution to a dealership venue while a bricks and mortar building is being planned for, opt to use a temporary building in the long term instead.  The easier planning consent and quicker turnaround time for completion means there is less waiting, less expense on architects and lengthy planning applications and no groundworks to contend with.  This allows the business to start operating and turning a profit much more quickly than if a permanent building was used, and the business had to be relocated twice (once into a temporary building, then again into a permanent one).

A car dealership expanding into bigger premises, or even a second site, would be well placed to make use of a temporary warehouse building to affect the move.  Due to the quick turnaround time from ordering to installation, the new premises can be completed in a fraction of the time it would take to build something from scratch, or find a suitable permanent building that may then not be in the best location.  A temporary warehouse allows the business to be led by location choice when finding a new site, and not by the facility itself.  Location is everything for car dealerships, as with a lot of choice for potential car buyers a dealership that is inconvenient to get to will be ruled out as an option for visiting, losing the business many potential sales.

Even if a new permanent dealership building is being constructed as part of an investment project, these highly specified structures can take years to build, especially if there is landscaping and car park areas to be created as well.  A temporary warehouse building is ideal as an interim solution, can be installed on the same site as the permanent building project and dismantled on a schedule that allows for a smooth transition into the new building.  The temporary building can be dismantled and removed completely, or reduced in size to house a valeting and bodywork repair facility, that is not part of the main facility.  Having a small temporary building on the site allows a dealership to rent that space to another, related business that can support the business and provide new customers.  A respraying or valeting business is ideal as a supporting business for a car dealership, or even a café, if the location is reasonably remote and there are no nearby catering facilities.

If you are in the market for a temporary or a permanent structure for a car dealership, then give us a call today to discuss your requirements and options.

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