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Temporary buildings for garden centres

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Temporary buildings for garden centres

A trip to the garden centre is not just about picking up a bag of compost and some plant pots anymore; most garden centres have a cafe, other retail concessions, a pet store and play areas for children and it has become more of a day out than a simple shopping trip.  Garden centres are increasingly turning to temporary buildings to house these facilities and to provide storage for the ever rotating seasonal stock, like Christmas decorations and trees or barbecues, which are generally not in demand at the same time so therefore, need to be in storage during the off-peak seasons.


Garden furniture is one stock type that takes up a lot of space, but customers want to be able to take items home with them or have them delivered the next day.  Unless the garden centre is part of a big national chain, with storage and distribution hubs all over the country, they will need the space to keep some stock in.  It is not viable to keep replacing and moving display items around so the item a customer buys will come from a storage area on site.  Temporary buildings are ideal for storing large stock, as they can have large doors as well as pedestrian access and can also accommodate a forklift for moving heavy items around well out of the way of the public.


Many garden centres also have their own potting and propagation areas and these facilities need to be carefully controlled to ensure the best plant health – some plants like hot and humid climates and others prefer cold and shaded spaces.  Using a variety of temporary building styles a garden centre or nursery can provide the correct climates for all the plants they stock and keep them all healthy and saleable.  As customers we don't see what happens behind the scenes – we only see the best specimens on display, but someone has had to care for that plant in the right environment so you can walk in and buy it on a Sunday afternoon.


Pet centres and soft play areas are found in many garden centres and they provide something to keep the kids entertained, allowing parents to spend more time shopping before the tantrums break out.  Garden centres without the space for these features can use temporary buildings to house an aquatic centre, small pet shop or play area for children without breaking the bank, and these can usually be fitted to the existing garden centre building, keeping it all under one roof and easily accessible for customers and kids alike.


Our temporary buildings can be on site, fully installed and operational within a month of placing an order, and this can be much quicker depending on the size of the building required.  As a garden centre owner you should be thinking about additional space for the summer now, if you are to capitalise on the benefits of that extra space, so give us a call on 0121 288 5440 or drop us a message via our website today.  You could be filling that space with stock, plants or play equipment in time for the summer rush with a simple phone call made now.

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