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Omega Structures, Temporary buildings we pride ourselves on being professional and approachable. Put your trust in us

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Omega Structures, Temporary buildings we pride ourselves on being professional and approachable. Put your trust in us

At Omega Structures we have a real passion for what we do, from the MD to the installation crews; we all care a great deal about our products and about our customers.  When you buy or rent a temporary building from us we are with you throughout the whole process, from specification and design right through to ground preparations and those final touches. This means that any questions or teething problems can be addressed on site straightaway, with no need for an outside crew to liaise with a supplier while you act as a go-between and inevitably get left holding a big problem.


Some temporary buildings companies may have cheaper prices, but like anything else, you get what you pay for.  We employ our own installation teams who have over 20 years of experience so when you buy from us, you also get us doing the installation and walk through so you know you can trust us – we're not going to send out some untrained freelancers who don't care whether the job is done properly, as there's no recourse for them if something goes wrong.  Our guys know if they do something wrong then we'll be on to them in a split second, which means they're always working to the highest standards; this is not just because they want to keep us happy, they also care about the company, our customers, and the satisfaction of everyone involved in getting a temporary building installed.


Because we're responsible for the whole process, from the first phone call to handing the keys over, you don't have to act as a project manager at any time, we're doing that all in-house for you.  There's no need to find quotes from installation companies, or to check out the handiwork and reputation of these freelance crews and no concerns about who to call if there is a problem, or if there's a maintenance issue.


Additionally, if you want an extension or a reduction of your temporary building you'll already know the people doing the work, and because they also installed it there won't be any of that teeth-sucking, or deriding the team that put it together, and there certainly won't be any surprises when the bill comes, so you can also have faith in the future of your temporary building and your relationship with Omega Structures.


We have installation teams based all around the country and they are also very happy to work overseas should you have a facility abroad that requires a temporary warehouse.  We have sent installation crews to France before now where they had to work to incredibly tight deadlines, which they did easily and without any hassle.  They are flexible and professional, so we can have a team at your site whenever it is needed, plus there will always be someone available to deal with any minor issues or to consult on plans for the future, and you don't get that with a freelance team.


At Omega Structures we pride ourselves on being professional and approachable and we maintain this ethos throughout our company.  We want our customers to be able to place all their trust in us every time, so we always strive for the highest standards right across the board. 


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