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New Year, New Warehouse

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New Year, New Warehouse

Coming into 2019 business and the wider economy feels less stable than the same time last year, and the year before that, if that is even possible!  With politics in turmoil and continuing uncertainty around Brexit, another issue being whether that is even going to happen at all, never mind the issues around what type of deal might be negotiated, business owners are facing even more factors in making decisions about whether to invest in extra facilities and try to grow the business, or take the cautious approach and try to maintain the status quo.  This means some companies may risk missing out on growth opportunities that we can't even predict, so what can business owners do to ensure they can grow their business with minimal risk?


Growth of most businesses involves the acquisition of more space, whether for storage of raw materials or stock, for production, or for administrative and other functions.  Without adequate space a business will struggle to grow, but with the factor of an uncertain economic future buying or renting more space can be a risky investment.  Sometimes, more space can't be built or found at an existing site and the whole business needs to move to bigger facilities.  This comes with its own challenges of finding a suitable location and building, of acquiring it, and then moving operations relatively seamlessly without disrupting the business too much.  Other times, extra space can be provided on site, but it means building a new structure with the accompanying issues of planning permission, environmental impact and a lengthy, often disruptive construction period.


In both cases temporary warehouse buildings can make these projects much easier.  Building a bespoke brick and mortar building means architect fees, planning permission, organising various trades to complete the construction and much more.  Temporary warehouses are designed in house by us to your requirements, they are easier to get planning permission for and they are installed within a week of delivery.  Using a temporary building as a semi-permanent venue for your growing business makes economic sense, as they are cheaper in terms of the initial outlay, and won't end up as a dead asset to get rid of if plans don't work out as intended.


A new warehouse or manufacturing facility is the ideal way to start the New Year on a positive and forward-looking note.  Your staff may be concerned about their jobs in the current economic and political climate and seeing the management being pro-active and planning for future growth, can go a long way towards boosting morale and productivity.  They may have been worried about whether the business would falter, stay the same or grow, so seeing positive movements towards growth can help raise the spirits of your staff and raise the profile of your business within your industry and with your clients.  Using a temporary building to effect this type of positive sentiment and business growth means you can take the lead in your industry when opportunities for new contracts arrive, without having made any risky moves towards investment in permanent structures that could undermine your profits for this year and beyond.


Temporary buildings can also be enlarged or made smaller very easily, so this is something to bear in mind when choosing one, as you can factor future growth and expansion into your plans.  Our temporary warehouses can be bought or hired, so you can reduce your initial outlay further by opting to rent a warehouse while you test the waters and find new contracts.  You can decide to purchase your rented temporary warehouse at any time, or return it to us if it is no longer needed.  Have a look at our structures and get in touch to specify the perfect one for your business.

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