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Industrial Marquees – The Benefits

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Industrial Marquees – The Benefits

Industrial marquees are often used for storage and for disaster recovery because they are quick to erect and provide adequate protection from the weather for the goods or activities inside.  Our industrial marquees are built from an aluminium frame with steel connecting pieces and anchoring plates, so it can be secured to the ground without any additional preparation.  The roof can be a standard gable style, or a polygonal shape which affords a little more space at height, perfect if you are storing a lot of tall items.


The walls can be 3 or 7 metres high, both options giving plenty of space, but the larger heights are more suitable for storage facilities where forklifts will be operating.  The frame is covered with heavy duty PVC coated polyester, which is fully waterproof and completes the structure.  The marquees all conform to the snow and wind loading building regulations and can be in situ for several years. 


Storage marquees can be a really useful addition to a business for seasonal spikes in demand, and with minimum rental periods of 6 months there's no long-term commitment to the building, so you can get rid when it's no longer needed and get back the space where it stood.  If you still need the marquee after a minimum rental period we can easily extend this, and should you decide to keep it for the long term we can arrange a purchase price.  Some of our clients find that the extra covered storage space is so useful they decide to keep it for longer, and sometimes even upgrading to a temporary warehouse building which is longer lasting. 


Another great benefit is the ease with which the industrial storage marquee can be enlarged.  Rather than having to construct a whole new structure, we can easily add space laterally or widthways without dismantling the existing marquee, so if your space needs change we can easily accommodate this.


Some people worry about condensation forming inside the marquee, and this can be a concern if the items within can't get wet.  Happily, we can provide a double skin system which prevents condensation inside the structure, letting it form and run off in between the covering layers, or an anti-condensation roof which prevents it forming in the first place.


A logistical benefit of industrial marquees is that vehicle access is also a doddle – we can offer electric roller doors or manual sliding ones, so you can get forklifts and other vehicles in and out easily, vital for storage spaces.  Some people are unfamiliar with industrial marquees and think they are a larger version of the type of structure people have for weddings or barbecues, but they are much more sophisticated than that with glazed personnel doors, lighting and guttering.  An industrial storage marquee can provide many of the same features as a temporary warehouse, but at a cheaper price for the short to medium term.  If you were looking at temporary warehouses for a short term solution, an industrial marquee might be the option for you.


While we can supply lighting, the PVC polyester roof material provides a high degree of natural light inside the structure, another benefit to our customers as often there is no need for additional lighting if the marquee is only accessed during the daytime when there is enough natural light to illuminate inside the structure.  With a metal roof there's no chance of sunlight getting through, so you'll save money on lighting costs with an industrial storage marquee.


We could go on about the numerous benefits that an industrial storage marquee brings, but we can also tell you more over the phone when you call to place your order with us.

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