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Boatyards – the ideal application for temporary buildings

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Boatyards – the ideal application for temporary buildings

One of our most high profile projects was supplying Eton College with a temporary boathouse for their rowing teams while their existing building was refurbished.  The project was not without its challenges, the soft ground on the riverbank being the main issue we had to contend with.  Aside from those teething problems we were able to create a temporary boathouse with enough room inside to manoeuvre boats in and out without having to move all of them, and because the structure was hired, we were able to be flexible with the time periods and allow for project run-over.


Boathouses and boatyards are both ideal applications for our temporary buildings.  Due to the modular nature of the construction we can provide structures which are long and narrow to make the most of the available ground space while still providing the ideal internal dimensions for boat storage, maintenance and repair.  Our temporary warehouses and industrial marquees are also ideal for riverside projects, as a base or as a cover for a full strip and rebuild project to protect the boat from the elements while it is refurbished.  On a hire basis you could have a cover in place for as many months as you need to complete the project without being saddled with the structure afterwards if it is no longer needed, so they are ideal for these projects.


Professional boatyards, due to their location at riversides and on the coats, are prone to structural and cosmetic damage from the corrosive sea air – the salt combined with high winds means buildings suffer environmental damage at a far faster rate than those located in-land.  For this reason our temporary warehouses are perfect as they are built from stainless steel and aluminium, which are both good at withstanding extreme weather, and they are also easy to maintain.  The fact that our temporary buildings can be dismantled and removed easily means that replacing them every few decades is a feasible answer to the problem of weather damage and corrosion and won't cost a packet each time.


Our temporary warehouses have a range of roof options but the PVC coated polyester option allows a good degree of natural light through, certainly enough to work by, offering a cost saving on electricity bills.  We also have anti-condensation roof options which help keep the inside dry, so humidity and condensation doesn't interfere with the work going on inside.  Vehicle access doors allow boat hulls to be moved in and out with ease and separate personnel doors provide easy access to staff without having to open the larger door – not an ideal proposition on a windy day when delicate work is happening inside.


Our industrial marquees are also fantastic for use at boatyards for blasting hulls and repainting as they contain the activity, protecting the environment and ensuring that cleaning up afterwards is easy.  The hard wearing fabric covers are easy to wipe or spray clean and will stand up to quite a lot of use.


Boatyards tend to be pretty spacious as the vessels they are working on can be quite large so even a smaller, family run boatyard will have ample space for a temporary warehouse for use as a workshop and even for storage.  Internal divisions can be created to provide set space for storage, materials and working space which helps keep the working environment neat and tidy, so with some clever planning you could house many functions inside one temporary warehouse which will make life easier.


If you're a boatyard owner or you're planning on refurbishing a boat and you need a large cover for the project get in touch with us today and we can help make your dream a reality.

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