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Six Reasons Temporary Buildings Save Money

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Six Reasons Temporary Buildings Save Money

Temporary buildings are the answer to a lot of the logistical challenges a modern business faces during expansions or when investigating new avenues or products.  They are quick to order and install, cheap to run and environmentally friendly, not to mention easy to obtain planning permission for.  When they are no longer needed they can be dismantled and removed, with no need to spend more money returning the land to its former state – they leave no trace.  With all that in mind here are 6 ways temporary buildings save even more money.


  1. Familiarity


If you supply customers directly from your premises, or you have your own delivery arrangements then using a temporary warehouse on site, rather than moving operations off site, means no additional expenses are needed in advertising and communicating the new premises information – for your clients nothing has changed.  There won't be any additional fuel or staff costs for moving items between the locations or for having to drive further to make deliveries.  There's also no need for any change management plans or adjustment time for teething problems, as there's no real change apart from having more space at your existing location.  This also means less hassle getting insurance for your new building and contents, saving you money there too.


  1. Flexibility


Imagine investing in a new permanent warehouse only to find it's not big enough a few months down the line.  With a temporary warehouse expanding the dimensions is quick, easy and cost effective, because you're in total control of the internal fit out; which means you can change this as and when you need, without any building work meaning your space works as hard for you as it can.


  1. Space for bringing operations in-house


You might have outsourced document storage, marketing, packing or administrative functions because of a lack of space, but with the extra space afforded by a temporary warehouse you may not have plenty of room to accommodate these activities.  Insulated temporary buildings can be climate controlled easily and cheaply, so you can have a new office as well as more storage space in one location.  Being able to perform more functions in one place saves the costs associated with transporting goods, paying another firm to package your goods or outsourcing other functions which have been costing you money.


  1. Durability


Temporary buildings, despite, their name, are suitable for medium and even long term use in some cases.  With a lifespan of well over a decade (more in some locations where environmental factors aren't such an issue such as inland, sheltered places) your temporary building can serve your business for many years, saving you money in the long term as you won't be routinely hiring or buying more space on or off site.  Combined with the flexibility factor this durability means a temporary building really does work hard for you.


  1. Convenience


Offsite storage can be an attractive option, especially if the need is very urgent, but in the medium to long term you are always going to pay more for offsite storage than on site provisions.  Purchasing a temporary warehouse outright means there are no monthly hire costs to contend with, and there are also no on-going and fluctuating transport and insurance costs for moving goods between locations.


  1. Speed


A temporary building can be in service within a month of ordering, considerably faster than the same endeavour with a permanent structure.  This means an absolute minimum of downtime and therefore, reduced losses if business has to slow down until the extra space is sorted.  This speed is especially important in cases where our buildings are part of a contingency plan after a disaster, but for any business the ability to respond to demand and scale up quickly means saving money, as well as making money quickly.


These are just a few of the ways using a temporary building can save you money, to see what other benefits our products bring have a look at some of our case studies to see real world examples.

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