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It's not Just Space for Imports we Need after Brexit

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It's not Just Space for Imports we Need after Brexit

It's hard to believe we're still dealing with what Brexit means and what our future trade deals might look like, but here we are, several years on from the referendum.  In that time we've been faced with a lot of information about what the UK imports from the EU and further afield, as people panicked about toilet roll shortages, medication delays and a reduced availability of fresh produce that can't be grown on a commercial scale in the UK.  There are two sides to every story, however, and there are products manufactured in the UK which the EU needs, as well as the rest of the world.


Retailers and wholesalers have had time to get used to stockpiling and dealing with the flow of goods thanks to several false starts on a no-deal scenario, and this has had a knock on effect on the wider economy.  Stockpiles of non-perishable goods were made ahead of the January, and then March 2019 deadlines and consumers made similar precautions, albeit on a smaller scale – we didn't have to supply any temporary warehousing space to individuals, but the demand in the import and wholesale sector was significantly increased.  This meant that when the deadline was extended people weren't spending as much on shelf-stable goods as they already had a cushion.  Retailers too didn't have to buy in as much because they needed to clear their stockpiles to make way for perishable items in their warehouses. 


One way of managing this fluctuating demand is to invest in a temporary warehouse or industrial marquee to house this overstock and ensure there was enough space available for more time-sensitive goods like dairy produce, fresh fruit and vegetables.  Our insulated temporary warehouses are ideal for providing extra chilled space for retailers and wholesalers to use while their existing structures housed stockpiles of other goods.


When we look at trade going the other way, i.e. what we export to the EU and further afield there, is also a need for more flexible space to use.  Some business may face difficulties in the immediate aftermath of Brexit, as they may not be able to get hold of raw materials in time, or at the right price.  This means manufacturers need to be pro-active in ensuring they have the right types of materials and the right quantities, so they can continue production at the same cost during the transition period.


While a trade deal is worked out there may be challenges in getting products to the countries that need them, so manufacturers may need to stockpile products ready to fulfil larger than normal orders when the terms and tariffs have been agreed.  This means having more space to keep a large stock as the “just in time” system won't be operating at its normal capacity.  Manufacturers of motor vehicles and parts, machinery and mineral fuels in particular may be affected, as these are the top sectors which export from the UK – vehicles alone make up 11% of global UK exports.  Luckily, these products don't need much in the way of temperature control for storage, so a standard temporary warehouse is ideal for providing that much needed extra space.


Our temporary warehouses are available on a hire or purchase basis, so for businesses which will have a short term bottleneck our hire contracts are perfect.  We can easily extend a hire agreement (and we don't even need to get any world leaders to agree to an extension!), so if your hire period needs to be longer than anticipated that is no problem for us, and great peace of mind for you.


If your business exports products to the EU and further afield, or you rely on certain raw materials from the EU you will probably already have started stockpiling, or at least have a plan in place ready to roll out when things are more certain.  Our temporary warehouses are an integral part of such contingency plans so if you haven't already done so, get in touch and make sure your extra space needs are covered, whatever happens.

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