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Builders Merchant Temporary Warehouses

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Builders Merchant Temporary Warehouses

At a time when new houses are springing up across the country to provide much needed affordable housing builders merchants are doing well, supplying various materials to construction sites nationwide.  They can do this because these merchants have multiple premises allowing them to fulfil orders quickly and easily without disruption to the construction industry.  While there are many building materials which can be kept outdoors, or just under a cover without the need for protection from the elements there are also many materials which must be kept indoors, such as plaster, cement and sand.  These materials don't need much in the way of temperature control, nor do they attract pests, so the storage is often relatively simple.  They do need to be kept dry, and our temporary warehouses can be fitted with a double skin anti-condensation roof to eliminate moisture inside the structure.


Our temporary warehouses and industrial marquees are ideal for storing building materials and they are widely used in the industry thanks to their flexibility, quick construction time and their easy upkeep.  They are also easy to get planning permission for and can be used for decades despite the “temporary” name.  One major benefit to the builders merchants sector is that our temporary warehouses can be relocated easily, so they are a real asset to a business and can be moved if sites are merged, or there is no longer a need for covered storage at a particular location. 


Temporary warehouses from Omega Structures can be configured to your needs, so as long as you have enough space and level ground on which to construct the warehouse everything else is flexible.  Personnel and vehicle doors can be located wherever is best given the locations of your existing buildings, and they can even be used as extensions to other structures if that is more appropriate for your site.  We can supply emergency lighting and virtually every type of lighting can be fitted in our structures, although if you opt for a fabric roof you may find that enough natural light is let in that artificial lighting is not needed during normal operational hours, saving you money on your electricity bill – what other kind of warehouse can do that?


When looking at renting or buying a temporary warehouse for use at builders merchants it is worth getting one with more internal space than you need, to allow for short term spikes in demand that won't result in upheaval to your business.  If, after several months, the extra space isn't needed then the building can be made smaller, but this is preferable to having to extend it at short notice.  This is possible, but may impact your supply chain if you need that space yesterday.  It is also worth thinking about having the roof extended over one end to provide covered space which can be used as a loading location for vehicles delivering materials to keep the rest of your space vehicle free.


These same issues also apply to wholesalers at garden centres and DIY stores, so if you need to store bulk amounts of building materials, gardening materials and DIY supplies a temporary warehouse from Omega Structures will cover your needs and your stock.  Call us today on 0121 288 5440.

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