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Your New Temporary Workshop

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Your New Temporary Workshop

Our temporary warehouses are used in just about every industry you can think of for a range of purposes, from disaster relief and contingency planning to storage, processing and production.  It's this last area, production that we're focusing on today.  Production can mean many things in different industries but as a basic concept it's about making things, or putting things together.  Production and assembly are both suited to temporary buildings as a venue for activities, and with insulated warehouse buildings being available, production can go on all year round, even in the coldest months, because our insulated buildings are fantastic for economic climate control.


A workshop can be any size and host any type of activity, so whether it's the production of custom made cars, or a much smaller scale activity like clock making, both are carried out in a workshop.  We understand that every workshop has a different layout, needs different types of lighting and power, and will be a different size and our buildings can accommodate all these needs as each one is designed with your specifications as the number one priority.  Although some activities will remain on a small scale, some may grow, and a temporary warehouse can grow with you.  If you double the production of custom made cars you'll likely need to double the size of your workshop and it's easily done with an Omega Structures temporary warehouse.  We simply extend the walls in one or two directions and install a larger roof. 


This extension process is easy and hassle free, as you'll be dealing with the very people who supplied and installed your current temporary building, and should you need to downsize for any reason this is just as feasible.  If you already have a permanent workshop, but you need more space in a pinch we can install a temporary building as an extension to your main facility just as easily as putting up a whole new warehouse.  This might be in response to a short term, fixed length extra project, and in this case you can hire the temporary part for the time period you need it.  If your need for extra space is for longer term growth then purchasing a larger building, or an extension, makes more sense.  Whether you rent or buy the process for alterations is the same, so we're flexible whichever route you take.


An investment in a temporary warehouse is a sound one.  For a start, they are cheaper than permanent buildings so you're already saving money.  Alterations and relocations are never a problem and again, not as expensive as making the same changes to a permanent building, or as complex as trying to relocate a permanent structure.  We are flexible with our customers so your money goes towards what you actually want, not what's deemed possible by the construction team or the financial controller.  Even if you purchase your building outright and circumstances change, it can be sold on or even kept as a storage space you can rent out to others which keeps some income flowing. 


If you have any questions about how a temporary warehouse could be your new workshop call us today on 0121 288 5440.


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