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How Are Our Temporary Buildings Installed?

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How Are Our Temporary Buildings Installed?

Having a temporary building installed on your site is much quicker and easier than building a traditional structure from scratch.  There is no groundwork requiring digging or the laying of foundations and therefore, much less mess and noise to contend with.  Rather than taking several weeks to complete, the building of our temporary warehouses is often done and dusted within a week, allowing you to get on and use it as soon as possible.  Businesses who are unsure of what space and structures they might need in the future, or those who know they're looking for an interim solution, love using temporary buildings because there's no commitment for the longer term – once the building is no longer needed it can be dismantled and removed, leaving barely any trace behind.  This makes temporary buildings ideal for companies who are leasing land with caveats that no permanent structures will be built on that site.


Our temporary buildings are delivered to site ready to be put together, like a giant 3D jigsaw puzzle.  We have installation teams based around the country; they are both fully trained and certified to carry out the works and use the necessary machinery.  Depending on the ground surface you have and what lies underneath it, we use either steel earth anchors, which work well with a hard-core/tarmac surface, or bolts secured into a hole with resin for concrete surfaces.  We conduct a site survey before your building is delivered to ensure we use the correct fixings.  These fixings constitute the only groundwork to speak of, which is much less disruptive than digging trenches and laying foundations.  These fixings secure the steel baseplates into position, forming the footprint of the temporary warehouse. 


Aluminium framework is secured to the baseplates with locking pins, and this forms the walls of the structure.  Depending on the height of the building as well as the nature and size of the site, we use either a hydraulic forklift or a crane to move the framework into place, building up the wall and roof framework until it is all in place.  Installation of the walls and roof varies depending on what material you have opted for, but we use the same equipment to get the pieces into place, so you won't have loads of machinery in the way while we install your new temporary warehouse.


Once the building work is complete it is checked over and signed off, ready for you to move in.  If you have opted for a special floor surface, emergency lighting or other internal fittings this is done once the structure is complete, either by us (if we are supplying the floor or lighting) or by an external contractor (if you have chosen a third party to supply these services). 


We always supply a maintenance plan so our customers know what needs to be done to keep their new warehouse in tip top shape for years to come.  Regular maintenance is quick and easy and we can also send someone out every year to inspect the structure and check that it is still fit for purpose, identifying any areas where cleaning or maintenance may be lacking. 


If this sounds too good to be true fear not, it really is!  Our business is providing other businesses with the space they need in the most efficient manner possible.  If you would like to see an example of our work in situ please get in touch and we can arrange a site visit for you to see how one of our many happy customers is getting on with their temporary warehouse.

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