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Why Compliance Isn't a Dirty Word for Temporary Buildings

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Why Compliance Isn't a Dirty Word for Temporary Buildings

The word “compliance” can be very daunting, especially to people who hate red tape and hold ups to the procurement process, which often arise from compliance issues.  It often conjures up memories of a project gone wrong, a project which had so much paperwork you had to buy a new filing cabinet or of stumbling blocks in a project which would otherwise have gone smoothly.  Compliance, however, isn't a dirty word; it's a vitally important aspect of the construction industry from permanent to temporary buildings.


The good news is that compliance with building regulations, planning criteria and the training and qualifications of installers is much less hefty with a temporary building than with a permanent structure.  Firstly, planning permission is a much easier process with some councils able to fast track applications for such structures, on the grounds that their environmental impact is lower and there are far fewer variables with a temporary building than with a bespoke structure.  For short term projects, such as storage for a few weeks, planning permission is often not required.  For immediate needs retrospective planning routes can be used, safe in the knowledge that very few planning applications for temporary buildings are rejected.


Building regulations compliance is much more straightforward with a temporary building.  Our structures are designed to meet all current regulations and standards, and because we offer a set range of products we know that our structures always comply.  Our temporary warehouses meet all the standards for wind and snow loading as well as fire regulations, and because these are in-built to the specification of our structures there is no way they can fail to comply with the industry standards.  Sounds better already doesn't it?


Our office and site staff have many years of experience behind them, with at least two decades of on-the-job experience held in the office alone.  Our installation teams are fully trained and qualified in the use of the construction equipment we use, and we encourage refresher training and advanced training when needed.  We regularly receive excellent feedback from our customers regarding the quality of the building, as well as the professionalism of the installation team and it always brings a smile to our faces.  We can't physically be there to oversee the installation of every building we supply, so we're confident that our site managers are representing our business properly and this is borne out by the great feedback we hear.


At each stage of the process, from initial enquiry to handover, we strive to provide the best service we can, and ensuring our compliance with building regulations plays a big part in that.  Many of our customers never even have to get involved with this aspect of the product, simply taking receipt of the paperwork and their brand new building with minimal fuss.  Because we can demonstrate our compliance our customers feel confident in making a purchase with us and are grateful to not have to get bogged down in box ticking and red tape – something they may have to do when going down the permanent building route.


To sum up, we focus on compliance so you don't have to, and with a strong pedigree in the industry at every level you can trust us to provide the temporary building you need, with all the boxes ticked by us, ready for you to focus on your growing business.

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