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Keep Your Temporary Warehouse in Top Condition

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Keep Your Temporary Warehouse in Top Condition

Despite their temporary name our warehouses can last for many years, if maintained correctly and looked after properly.  Of course, any building needs maintenance and repairs at some stage but ours are much easier to care for than a traditional building.  With no foundations to worry about you don't need to think about walls cracking or render flaking as the building settles, and without traditional roof tiles there's no need to get on that ladder and check for loose pieces after high winds, and certainly no danger that anything will drop off and injure anyone.


All our structures are built to conform to building regulations, which govern wind and snow loading, so even in harsh climates and exposed places our buildings will last well.  It's important to keep doors closed during high winds, only opening them when needed.  This keeps any heat in, but most importantly keeps the structure well braced against the effects of severe winds.  Doors should be closed firmly but not slammed, as regular slamming of the doors can lead to the joints between wall panels loosening over time, which can then lead to draughts and loss of heat if the panels come too far apart.


However, after severe weather events it's advisable to check the integrity of the wall joints, as well as the anchor bolts, to ensure nothing has started to loosen.  This is rare, but if any loose joints are discovered quickly then remedial action can be taken, ensuring the damage does not become any worse.  The same goes for the roof – although the panels won't come loose and fall off like a traditional roof tile might, it's best to check for any leaks after heavy rain when they are more noticeable.  If you do notice any leaks in the roof call us right away, we'll be able to fix it quickly, with the right equipment and insurance to cover our staff – under no circumstances should you attempt to fix this on your own.


Internally, keeping the building clean and free from obstructions near doors should be part of your day to day operations anyway, but it's important not to lean heavy items against the walls or framework.  Nothing should be fixed to the frame or wall panels unless agreed in advance with us, and in cases where racking needs to be fixed to the walls, this should be discussed at the specification stage.  Undue pressure on the wall panels could damage the joints between them and this is an easily avoidable issue.


We have a really diverse range of clients who use our structures for all manner of purposes, so naturally some of our clients will be storing potentially hazardous materials inside.  Businesses operating with dangerous chemicals will have their own protocols on the proper storage and handling of these items, and making sure that these are being adhered to.  Our structures are not particularly flammable by nature, but with the right accelerant anything can catch fire, so ensure you store hazardous or flammable materials properly, and that you have the correct fire extinguishers on site.


If you do notice any damage or wear and tear, which isn't part of the normal operation of the building, call us as soon as you notice it; the sooner we can fix it the sooner you're safe and sound again.  If you look after your temporary building it will look after you.

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