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Storage For Non-Perishable Materials

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Storage For Non-Perishable Materials

Businesses who deal with non-perishable items, such as building materials, cables and pipework have an easier time with the issue of storage than businesses dealing with materials which require specialist storage, or just protection from the weather.  They don't need to worry about the effects of the weather on these items, so having a sturdy storage structure is often incredibly low down on the priority list.


Some businesses, however, see the benefit of keeping non-perishables under cover for a variety of reasons.  Algae, mould and other organic substances can grow on items left out in the rain, and this needs to be cleaned off, or a discount offered should the customer be unhappy with the condition of the items.  Preventing these problems extends the lifespan of the products, ensuring that they remain saleable for many years – in the landscaping and gardening industries trends come and go, so being able to store items which currently aren't selling, but which will take an upturn as the weather or fashions change reduces wastage.


Thieves can see exactly what you have if it's left outside and this can encourage theft or vandalism, incurring costs and inconvenience to the business to repair or replace these items.  Insurance companies may be reluctant to compensate for items that were visible to the public, so for these reasons alone it is wise to invest in covered storage for your non-perishable items.


When taking on a new customer you will often have a site visit, and the impact of this and the impression you make can be the difference between winning or losing a contract.  A business owner looking for a supplier of cables, or pipework, will opt for the supplier who looks after their stock over one which leaves it exposed to the elements, so it's also about reputation and first impressions as well as the integrity of the stock.


Even if you have some form of covered protection, the type and quality of this can influence the opinion of a potential customer.  A run-of-the-mill gazebo you can pick up from the high street may provide some coverage, but does this really look professional?  An industrial marquee from us makes a much better first impression and provides a superior level of protection from the weather, as well as potential thieves.  If the reputational aspect wasn't enough of an incentive to invest in quality storage solutions, then the fact that your premises will be a less attractive target for criminals should convince you to invest in an industrial marquee.


You may be concerned about the viability of your site for a structure like one of our temporary buildings, but you need not worry.  Uneven ground doesn't pose a problem in most cases, and this saves you the expense of pouring a concrete base or undertaking disruptive groundwork.  As long as the site isn't of a similar terrain to the Alps, installing an industrial marquee is no problem and we will carry out a site visit to survey the lie of the land, so to speak, before advising on the best way to proceed with installation.


If circumstances change and you no longer need the industrial marquee it can be removed and re-used elsewhere and second hand structures are very popular with businesses looking to invest in a temporary storage solution at a lower cost.  Our structures are available to hire or to buy, so whatever your long term plans there is a way forward for everyone.  Take your business to the next level with a professional storage solution from Omega Structures

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