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New Car Showroom? No Problem - Temporary Buildings

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New Car Showroom?  No Problem - Temporary Buildings

Transport is very important – whether that's public transport or private vehicles everyone needs to get from A to B. Most of us like the freedom of having a car to use whenever and wherever we want.  We also want the best car we can afford, and the ability to upgrade when new features come out, or when we simply need to say goodbye to an old banger and get something which won't fail its MOT. 


This makes the car sales industry relatively stable and able to survive during tough economic times – there's no other option for people who live in rural locations or who can't take public transport for a variety of reasons – so car showrooms are always going to be needed.  A car showroom doesn't just house cars, however, there are also administrative spaces, waiting areas and private offices in these structures so it's important that a car showroom is secure, comfortable whilst still up to the job of having vehicles moved in and out regularly.


All these requirements make building a dedicated car showroom an expensive and intricate project, and then there is the issue of future expansion and whether this means moving to a new site or expanding on the current one.  Temporary buildings makes the design and build process of a car showroom much easier and more flexible than going down the permanent building route, as it is easier to get planning permission for a temporary structure than a permanent one.  Our temporary buildings are very flexible as the modular construction style allows for very precise sizing and shaping around the available space. 


A temporary building can be extended very easily and quickly, with minimal disruption to day-to-day business.  This makes temporary buildings a very attractive option for companies who want to be able to respond to changing demand and grow the business premises when needed.  This flexibility also allows for merging of sites into one location, which is proving a popular move for businesses looking to centralise operations and shore up their assets.


Our temporary buildings can be erected and dismantled quickly, without the need for groundwork or reparatory works to return the site to its previous state, which means businesses leasing land don't need to worry about the impact of their activities on the site or the costs of making good the site when they leave.


With the option of insulation, vehicle and personnel doors and heavy duty flooring our temporary warehouse buildings can be configured internally to suit a range of vehicle showrooms, from budget friendly used car dealerships to high end luxury new vehicle sales.  The only limitations are the fit out budget, as partitions can be used to create office and administrative spaces.  A service garage can be included as a separate extension, bringing everything under one roof, but still clearly defined by the internal flow of space.


We have worked with vehicle retailers such as Mitsubishi, to create car showrooms which fulfil all the needs of the business without compromising on quality, and we are experienced in joining the external specifications of the building to the internal functions, ensuring that the new car showroom can be put into service quickly and without teething problems.  The locations of vehicle doors, office spaces and reception desks needs to be carefully considered when putting together the building specification and we can help with that conversation, bringing our experience to your table.


Whether you're looking for a showroom for used cars, new cars, or a combination of the two, Omega Structures can provide the perfect environment in the form of a temporary building.

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