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Doing Our Bit For Climate Change - Temporary Buildings

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Doing Our Bit For Climate Change - Temporary Buildings

Climate change has been very prominent in the media for the last few months – large scale protests and the acknowledgement by global governments that there is a climate emergency have legitimised the concerns that some people have had for many years about climate change, global warming and the impact of our throw-away culture on the environment.  The attention which single use plastics have had is symbolic of the wider public shift in consciousness towards a more sustainable way of life, and even major supermarkets are committed to introducing new packaging and reducing the amount of plastics and other non-recyclable materials in their products.


The name of our structures can lead people to think that what we do is in line with this single use culture, but this couldn't be further from the truth.  “Temporary” in the name of our temporary buildings only means that they are designed to leave no trace, and that they are constructed and installed in a manner which allows the site to be returned to its former state very easily when the building is no longer needed.


We use recycled and recyclable materials in our buildings, from the aluminium framework to the steel cladding we ensure that the components are made from durable yet ecologically sound materials, which can be recycled easily as well as being re-used, where appropriate.  Our heavy duty PVC coated polyester may be the single least recyclable material we use, but because it is so hardwearing it can provide many, many years of service, and can also be re-used to cover other structures. 


It's not just the materials we use which make temporary buildings an environmentally sound option; the components are manufactured off site and delivered ready for assembly, which means there's barely any waste generated on site during the building process.  Any waste arising from the manufacture of the parts is recycled at the factory – there's no need for a skip full of rubble and other building waste with one of our warehouses.  Because our buildings don't need foundations there's no ground works causing noise and dust pollution to the surrounding area; the installation process itself is very clean.  Everything can be delivered on a single lorry, and the installation team normally arrives in one van, so there's also less fuel involved in delivering and installing the building than in a brick and mortar structure where several materials deliveries may arrive each day, with different contractors arriving in different vehicles.


There's another way in which our temporary warehouses and industrial marquees are good for the environment; they make fantastic waste processing and recycling centres.  Industrial marquees are ideal for storing the collected recycling, as well as the end product after sorting and processing, while a temporary warehouse with an anti-condensation roof creates the perfect space for sorting and processing of all sorts of recycled materials.


So, whether you're looking for an environmentally sound building for an expansion or a new site, or you're setting up a recycling centre our temporary buildings tick all the boxes.  Call us today on 0121 288 5440 to get your new eco-friendly building.


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