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Temporary Industrial Buildings for Business Growth

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It’s not always financially easy to run a business. There are many overheads to consider including VAT, changes to government business tax breaks and rising employment costs. Business owners find themselves constantly juggling increased costs as they wonder whether they should pass them onto customers, or swallow them in-house.

Being able to survive in this economic climate is down to being flexible and versatile with any type of business growth or expansion needing time, commitment and money to work.

This is where the temporary industrial building comes in to play. ‘Hire’ contracts are something that most businesses can afford. They don’t have to take the full risk of building a permanent building and they can maintain their cash flow by taking an easier approach.

A temporary industrial building gives a company what it needs in order to expand and test whether what they are doing is right for the market. If they find it’s not for them, they can contract rapidly without spending more than they need to.

Those businesses who have a new contract, but they don’t know if it’s going to pan out to be something permanent or not, can lower their risks. Sometimes grow this just temporary but it needs to be accommodated. Perhaps there are more staff to accommodate, or more products to store before transportation.

Building a permanent warehouse off site can cost a company much when it comes to transportation, security and time. It’s not always going to give the return necessary for the increased expense.

However, a temporary industrial building could be installed on the same location which would lessen security and transport costs. Staff can be kept onsite which would mean less time to-ing and fro-ing between buildings.

Another important factor is that temporary industrial buildings can be put up much faster than something more permanent. They can be delivered and installed within days.

If you’re considering installing a temporary industrial building, contact us today for a no obligation chat. 

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