2 Sisters Food Group

Read on to see how we helped the 2 Sisters Food Group erect a temporary storage shelter on their Pennine Foods Sheffield site, following an impressive period of growth.

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As one of the UK’s leading food manufacturers, the 2 Sisters Food Group produces and supplies a vast array of food products, from pizzas and pies to soup ranges and ready meals, to some of the biggest supermarket and distribution companies in the country. Some of their most famous products include household name brands such as Fox’s biscuits and Goodfella’s pizzas, while their biggest customers include the likes of Aldi, Asda, Co-op, KFC, Lidl, Tesco and Waitrose.

In recent years, the 2 Sisters Food Group has grown with the acquisition of several sizeable companies, including Challenger Foods of Sunderland in 2007, Lloyd Maunder in 2009 and the UK arm of Dutch poultry and red meat company VION in 2013.

Following a period of such rapid expansion, in 2014 the 2 Sisters Food Group required a temporary storage unit to be used for product packaging at their Pennine Foods Sheffield Site.

Fabric clad temporary storage sheter


Due to the perishable nature of Pennine Foods’ products, it was important that the building be kept free from humidity as much as possible. It was therefore decided to fit an anti-condensation double skin roof, as well as a peripheral ground seal in the form of a bitumen strip along the ground. Guttering was not advisable however as the absence of any drainage in the building might have created more problems than it solved.

The building was secured to the ground partly with mechanical bolts on existing concrete slab, and partly with stakes on a tarmac base.

With regards to specification, the building only required the minimum side height, similar to the example image right. This was due to the uneven ground it was being installed on, which would not allow any racking systems to store goods in height.

Based on our recommendations, the decision was made by the 2 Sisters Food Group to rent a 300m2 unit (10m width x 30m length with a 3.5m side-height) over a period of 36 months. The building was supplied with steel clad walls which are more stable over such a lengthy period than fabric walling. A manual vehicle access door was installed, along with a personnel access door and lighting for those working inside.

The building was eventually dismantled a few months early due to a site refurbishment, but could easily be sold on due to its standard dimensions which would make it extremely popular on the second-hand market.

Since completing this project, we have had the pleasure of working on similar jobs for several of the other companies within the 2 Sisters Food Group, and are currently working on a 250 to 600m2 project for the Riverside Bakery in Nottingham.