Prysmian Group, Wrexham and Southampton

Read on to see how we helped Prysmian Cables and Systems ensure that their reels of cable had a cost-effective storage solution, by installing a temporary building onsite that will last for many years.

Prysmian Omega



In 2006 Prysmian Cables & Systems required a cost effective storage solution to store reels of cable which had been sitting outdoors up to then and wanted to be sheltered from the weather at a reasonable cost.

The area to cover was 600 m² approx., tarmacked but not in the best of conditions over the whole area.  The ground was also uneven although reasonably level. Despite the worries of our client, installing a 600 m² building on this existing surface was not a major issue as the flexibility of the aluminium framework would allow to compensate for the uneven ground, therefore not requiring to go through the major expense of pouring concrete foundations. This would have made the project unviable.

Decision was made by Prysmian to purchase a 600 m² unit as opposed to hire as the building was likely to stay in place for a number of years. The final specification was 20 metre width x 30 metre length with a medium side height of 4.4 metres. A single skin building was fine as residual humidity was not going to be a major issue. One large vehicle access door and 2 legally required ejavascript:void(0);mergency exit doors were also supplied with the building. Steel clad sides as opposed to fabric walling was the client’s preferred option due to stability and durability.


Omega temporary building


Installation was completed in October 2006 and the building is still in place to date. A yearly checkup of a few crucial points helps ensuring that the structural integrity of the building is maintained: ground anchors, bracing wires and bars, tensioning of all fabric parts. The building has stood the test of time very well indeed!

The building was later increased in size as the flexible Aluflex system will allow to do: four extension bays were installed in 2013 to make the building 40 metres long.

In addition, an internal partitioning wall was installed in 2015 – the flexibility of the Aluflex system will allow this too - to separate the storage area from a newly created workshop area.

In 2014 also the Prysmian site in Eastleigh required a similar building for storage purposes, albeit with a slightly upgraded specification.

The final specification of the building was 15 metres wide x 30 metres long with a side height of 5 metres. Single skin steel clad walls, an anti-condensation double skin fabric roof were supplied, together with 2 No. electrical roller shutter doors and 2 No. personnel access doors. Basic 100 lux lighting was also added as well as a cement bund along the ground to make the building fully watertight.

On this instance an existing concrete slab which had to be slightly increased in size allowed to bolt the building onto a perfectly level and even surface.

Installation was completed within a few days in January 2015.