Insulated Temporary Buildings

Long and short term cost-effective solutions for warehousing, storage, retail and much more.


Our insulated temporary buildings are the ideal solution for your portable warehouse, workshop building or public facility requirements. Manufactured from non-anodised aluminium with steel connection pieces, our temporary buildings are extremely durable, non-corrosive and maintenance free. With lead times as short as 5-6 weeks from the initial order confirmation, our erection team can install your temporary building quickly and safely.

Non anodised aluminium with steel connection pieces or complete steel framework, ground anchoring plates and interconnecting purlins stabilised with diagonal roof and wall brace bars and/or wires.

Polyurethane foam insulated (various thicknesses) steel roofing panels, standard colour RAL 9002 (grey white), other colours on request.
Roof Design: gable roof

No foundations required (subject to condition of existing surface).

Polyurethane foam insulated (various thicknesses) steel cladding panels, standard colour RAL 9002 (grey white), other colours on request.
Width: 10 to 30 metre clear span
Side Height:
3 to 7 metres
Modular in 2.5 or 5 metre sections
Wind and roof loading as well as fire resistance compliant with current applicable European standards.
• Vehicle access door (Electrical roller shutter, sectional or high speed doors)
• Personnel access doors (glazed double entrance doors, single steel doors, emergency exit doors) and windows
• Translucent roofing and/or cladding sections
• Guttering with downpipes
• Lighting and emergency exit lighting
• Pedestrian flooring
• Industrial flooring allowing heavy vehicle traffic
• Available to purchase or to rent on long term (12 months minimum)


For more information about our temporary warehousing, storage and building solutions, or to discuss your project requirements with us, please contact a member of our team today.



Whatever your industrial purpose, one of our temporary industrial buildings are a great way to provide your business with a new or additional working space. We provide cost effective, temporary insulated structures to meet your storage requirements.

Omega Structures is one of the leading providers of temporary industrial buildings in the World. We regularly design, manufacture, hire, sell and install insulated buildings for semi permanent or permanent use. From supplying 13 emergency temporary building solutions to EDF across France to providing a unique one off temporary rowing boat store for Eton College during their recent refurbishment! We also pride ourselves on our cost effectiveness, our ability to design and build a temporary industrial building that will meet all of your requirements, as well as offering a product that is unrivaled in quality, strength and durability. Your business will also benefit from our flexibility as we work hard to ensure we meet any deadlines that you may have. Previously, when businesses needed more space they generally had two options; rent or build a permanent building which is incredibly costly to a business. Another alternative would be to build a less secure, cheaper structure such as a tent. The problem with this is that tents lack security and strength. Now, the high quality insulated temporary buildings offered by us offer a superior alternative to help businesses across the world.

By using one of our emergency temporary buildings you are not only ensuring that your goods are kept safely and securely but you are also making sure that your workforce will be working in a more secure structure. When choosing to work with us we will make sure the install and build are seamless and we ensure that your business receives the best possible structure that suits all of your requirements. We provide all the tools, equipment and labour that is required so you have no hidden costs or extra work. With several years experience, our buildings have been used in many environments throughout the World, take a look at our case stuidies for examples from IKEA to Afghanistan. You can be sure that we can build you a temporary building that will meet your budget and specifications. Everything will be configured to your exact size and will fit all requirements you may have. You can also enhance your new storage by including many of the additional options that we can offer.

Whether you are looking for a storage room, classroom, a meeting place or even a space to present your latest products, Omega Structures can help. We provide cost effective and insulated temporary buildings to meet your temporary space requirements.

The polyurethane foam we use for insulation also comes in varying degrees of thickness, this means that depending on what you plan to use the storage for we can provide the right amount of insulation. Typical factors that will affect the foam thickness will be; the type of products you will be storing if applicable, duration of use and if applicable the amount of people working or meeting in the building.

By ensuring your temporary building is insulated you are able to keep goods completely dry and in a temperature controlled environment. If the structure will be used by a workforce or even by the public, heating will be required and insulation will help you meet the government’s energy efficiency standards. For more information and to get a quote quickly contact one of our friendly customer services team who will happily discuss the best options for you.


For more information about our temporary warehousing, storage and building solutions, or to discuss your project requirements with us, please contact a member of our team today.