Storage Marquees

Experts in temporary and long-term outdoor storage solutions.


Omega Structures offers an extensive selection of custom storage marquees for Sale or Hire, suitable for both temporary and long-term storage solutions. With lead times as short as 2-3 weeks from the initial order confirmation, our marquees can be installed quickly and easily, and anchored to the existing surface with no need for foundations.

Our storage marquees have been used in a multitude applications, from warehousing and retail storage, to exhibition halls and construction covers.

Non anodised aluminium with steel connection pieces, ground anchoring plates and interconnecting purlins stabilised with diagonal roof and wall brace bars and/or wires.
Roof Design: gable roof or polygon
Heavy duty PVC coated polyester fabric, 650 gr/m², UV and mould resistant, standard white translucent
Heavy duty PVC coated polyester fabric, 650 gr/m², UV and mould resistant, standard brown or white.
Width: 5 to 40 metre clear span
Side Height: 3 to 7 metres
Wind and roof loading as well as fire resistance compliant with currently applicable European standards.
• Vehicle access door (Electrical roller shutter, sectional or high speed doors)
• Anti-condensation roof or floor to floor double skin
• Vehicle access door (manual sliding doors or electrical roller shutter doors)
• Personnel access doors (glazed double entrance doors, single steel doors, emergency exit doors)
• Guttering with downpipes
• Lighting and emergency exit lighting
• Pedestrian flooring
• Industrial flooring allowing heavy vehicle traffic
• Available to purchase or to rent on long term (6 months minimum)


For more information about our temporary warehousing, storage and building solutions, or to discuss your project requirements with us, please contact a member of our team today.



Purchase or Hire Storage Marquees, whether you’re looking for a new storage space or additional storage space, one of our marquees could be a great solution. We provide cost effective temporary or long term storage to meet your space requirements.

Omega Structures is one of the leading providers of storage marquees in the UK. We regularly design, manufacture, hire, sell and install them for semi permanent or permanent use across the entire United Kingdom, Europe and throughout the world. When working with us your business will benefit from our vast experience and knowledge in the temporary buildings market. This means that you can be assured that your business is in safe and capable hands. Our competitive and clear pricing, exceptional customer service and fast availability make us the number one choice when looking for a storage marquee provider. Our marquees consist of non anodised aluminium framework and heavy duty PVC coated polyester fabric roof and walls which are available in a range of colours.

The purpose of a temporary storage marquee is to provide a cost effective, reliable and fast solution for your temporary space needs. In particular storage marquees are used for storing products, to provide additional workspace for your workforce, covering items or they can even be used as a temporary function room or exhibit stall. Our storage marquees for hire come in a variety of widths and can easily be connected to an existing or stand alone building. So whatever your purpose, Omega Structures would be happy to provide you with storage marquees for hire to provide you with a new or additional space. We have worked with some huge corporations but we also have a number of storage marquees for hire that are suitable for smaller companies or even personal events. With an incredibly talented installation team on standby, you can be sure that your storage marquee will be stable and secure.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by also offering a number of available options when supplying or hiring out our marquees, including; anti condensation roofs, vehicle access doors, personnel access doors and guttering with downpipes to name a few. For a full breakdown of what else we can offer then please see below or contact our customer services team for a quote. As an added bonus, generally all of our storage marquees can be erected without foundations. This saves your business both time and money, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of the business like increasing your bottom line. All are designed to meet even the most stringent UK and international building regulations and when using us you will also benefit from our professional installation team who will ensure everything is built to the highest standard.

All of the solutions offered by us offer instant and reliable storage solutions. They are used for a range of purposes from covering jacuzzis to extending storage space for large warehouses. Whatever your requirement, big or small, we can help. Many businesses will choose to invest in a temporary storage marquee because there is no planning permission required, they are easy to relocate and are a quick, easy and affordable way to gain a secure space. Previously, when businesses needed more storage space they generally had two options; they could either rent or build a permanent building. Both of these options were incredibly costly to a business. But now storage marquees by Omega Structures offer a superior alternative to help businesses across the UK. It can be highly cost efficient as it is a fraction of the cost of a brick and mortar structure. Once one of our marquees have been installed by our professional team, there will be little to no maintenance for you. We also offer the option to rent a temporary storage tent. All tents will be tailored to your specific needs and will have a minimum rental agreement of 6 months. After your agreed rental period is over you can then decide it you want to extend the rental, purchase or dismantle it. All of our storage marquees will be configured to your exact size and will fit every requirement you may have. You can also further enhance them by including many of additional options that we can offer. We’re are pleased to offer a variety of colour options to suit your taste. For more information and to get a quote quickly contact one of our friendly customer services team who will happily walk you through everything we have available.


For more information about our temporary warehousing, storage and building solutions, or to discuss your project requirements with us, please contact a member of our team today.