Omega Structures

Instant, cost-effective, flexible solutions!

Very quick to install (most average size buildings can be erected within a week). Arrangements can be made not to disrupt your company’s processes during assembly.
Whether for purchase or hire, in most cases we are able to deliver within 2-3 weeks from the initial order confirmation (6-8 weeks for more complex specifications).
In most cases no foundations are required and our structures can be anchored directly to the existing ground (dependent on the conditions of the existing surface).


Omega Structures offers a range of cost-effective re-locatable structures for all temporary covered space requirements. Our temporary buildings are suited to applications such as warehousing and storage, logistics and order preparation, and production halls and workshops. Over the years we have worked in many different industries, including retail and sports, providing temporary structures for a variety of established clients. All of our temporary building solutions are:

Very competitive monthly hire rates and significantly lower purchase costs than those of a conventional building. Most of our modular structures can be purchased or rented with an option to purchase at any time. At the end of the hire term, rental can be prolonged or structures simply dismantled and returned.
Our modular structures can be adapted to your specific requirements (size, height, level of insulation, number and position of doors, etc.) and can also be upgraded in specification over time, increased or decreased in size (length), easily relocated to a different site, acquired at any time during a hire contract or even resold through our network after use when purchased.
Our structures normally come with a two-year warranty and most components have a life span comparable to that of a conventional building. Fabric parts will deteriorate over time (life span subject to weather, pollution, etc.) but individual sections can easily be replaced.

Whilst planning permission is normally required, processes are simplified due to our structures not being considered as conventional buildings (no foundations). Temporary and/or retroactive planning can also be applied for in cases of urgent requirement. Our planning consultants can advise you and manage the planning process on your behalf.
According to specific geographical requirements the resistance of our structures with regard to wind and snow loadings can be adapted from temporary structures to conventional building requirements. All our structures also comply with all major European standards with regard to fire resistance.
No specific maintenance requirements once the installation is complete. We do normally carry out a yearly check-up of essential parts such as ground anchors and bracing wires. Finally, individual parts can easily be replaced (due to fork lift damage for example) if needed.
Our structures are 100% recyclable.


For more information about our temporary warehousing, storage and building solutions, or to discuss your project requirements with us, please contact a member of our team today.